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Three Steps to Selecting a Color Palette for your Multi – Family Property

Painting or repainting a multi-family property is a strategic opportunity to redefine your property using color. The right color palette can improve curb appeal and improve retention.

Step 1: Define your color goals

  • Building type-Showcasing a sleek, modern high-rise calls for a more urban palette than a traditional low-rise.
  • Environment-Not only are regional color preferences always a consideration, but so is the local streetscape. Are you wanting your property to blend in, or stand out?
  • Architecture- Using your roof color and trim as base colors and other property elements is a great way to build a palette.


Step 2: Explore color

With the right colors your multi-family property will shine and create a new feel. View some of our favorite color palettes from Sherwin Williams’ Multi-Family Color Collections.


Step 3: Contact Hammerbrush for a free quote

Ready for a color upgrade or have additional questions? Contact one of our expert Hammerbrush team members today to help make your property’s color vision come to life.

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