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Three Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Interior Projects

The cooler winter season is the ideal time for interior projects. Whether your property needs a touch-up, has exposed wear and tear, or needs a complete hallway/lobby remodel, here are some benefits to getting your project done during the winter months.

  1. Availability:

With the Chicagoland weather, exterior projects are more limited in the time able to complete them and may take priority during the summer months to meet impending deadlines. During the winter months, we can focus more on interior projects, leaving scheduling to be a bit more flexible, all while helping you achieve your interior project needs.

  1. Drying Time:

If your project includes painting, painting in the cooler months allows for the paint to dry faster because of the reduced humidity levels. The faster the paint dries, the less downtime your residents will experience using their common areas.

  1. Improves Moods:

Winter months can be a bit drab. Changing things up with a new color of paint or upgrading the common areas improves not only the visual appeal of the space but also the moods of the people who occupy it. Adding blues and greens creates a more relaxing atmosphere while adding reds and oranges creates a more stimulating feeling.

At Hammerbrush, we take pride in the work we do all year long. From commercial buildings and multi-family residences, our experienced professionals are prepared to complete your projects the right way.

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