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Balcony Replacement

Our expert team completed a stunning balcony replacement project in the Western Suburbs. Quickly and efficiently, our team kept balcony downtime to a minimum.  Before After

Design in Mind from the 1920’s to the 2020’s

Art Deco is the design movement that took the Roaring ‘20s by storm. Imagine the world of Jay Gatsby and the lavish parties he hosted. One of the main characteristics of the interior design style of that particular Gilded Age is geometric shapes, patterns, and shiny objects in many finishes. Art deco has lots of […]

Three Steps to Selecting a Color Palette for your Multi – Family Property

Painting or repainting a multi-family property is a strategic opportunity to redefine your property using color. The right color palette can improve curb appeal and improve retention. Step 1: Define your color goals Building type-Showcasing a sleek, modern high-rise calls for a more urban palette than a traditional low-rise. Environment-Not only are regional color preferences […]

Reasons to Power Wash

Power washing the home’s exterior should be a part of every homeowner association maintenance routine. You may not realize it, but your building’s exterior is exposed to UV rays, wind, dirt, animals, pollutants, and many other harsh elements every day. All these factors plus the age of your exterior can cause the areas to discolor […]

How to Design the Perfect Reception Area

The reception area is one of the first things residents and potential residents see when walking into a building. A stylish and functional reception area goes a long way to creating first impressions. Consider functionality- When creating a lobby design keep in mind that the reception space is not just to welcome residents, but is […]

Three Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Interior Projects

The cooler winter season is the ideal time for interior projects. Whether your property needs a touch-up, has exposed wear and tear, or needs a complete hallway/lobby remodel, here are some benefits to getting your project done during the winter months. Availability: With the Chicagoland weather, exterior projects are more limited in the time able […]

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